Partial organization of
the wedding and reception

Are you organizing your wedding and wedding reception by yourself, but there are certain areas you would like to leave to a wedding planner? During the meeting we will decide together which areas you would like to entrust to me. Regardless of the scope of activities that you entrust me with, I guarantee you a smooth cooperation, based on the budget specified by you. Each offer is tailored to the needs and expectations.

Examples of services:

  • preparation of a budget for the ceremony
  • assistance in civil and church formalities
  • preparation of a script of the wedding day
  • assistance in choosing individual subcontractors or their verification
  • assistance in the selection of styling
  • assistance in elaboration the visual management of the wedding and reception
  • assistance in various unforeseen events that may disrupt the continuity of wedding preparations.

I invite you to a meeting over coffee or online.

It will be a great pleasure to meet you and maybe start a common wedding adventure.

Szczecin, West Pomerania