Comprehensive wedding and
reception organization

Are you planning a wedding and wedding reception, but you do not have time to take care of the organization? Or maybe you don’t have any ideas or organizational issues are not what you want to focus on? No problem, I will help!

Tell me what you dream of, and I will organize it for you step by step, based on a mutually agreed upon budget and schedule, and as the culmination of the whole, during this special day, I will make sure that everything goes according to plan and has a magical, wonderful atmosphere.

A comprehensive wedding and wedding reception service may include:


  • availability during the entire preparation and wedding day
  • assistance in choosing a place for the nuptials:
    • church
    • Registry Office
    • plein air location
  • presenting and seeing to the completion of the formalities necessary for the marriage
  • preparation of the budget and its scrupulous control during all preparations
  • preparing a schedule of activities
  • permanent cooperation with subcontractors:
    • reservation of available dates
    • signing contracts
    • keeping track of payment deadlines

Wedding and wedding reception:

  • assistance in choosing a wedding venue
  • assistance in selecting subcontractors
    • photography
    • videofilming
    • DJ
    • entertainer
    • band
    • florist
    • decorating company
    • hairstyle
    • makeup
  • comprehensive organization of the visual side of the wedding and reception, so that the ceremony is unique and fully personalized
    • main theme
    • color scheme
    • flowers
    • decorations
  • menu selection
    • hot and cold dishes
    • wedding cake
    • theme tables
    • special menus such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
  • beverages selection
    • alcohols
    • non-alcoholic beverages
    • wedding bar etc.
  • musical setting
    • during the wedding
    • during the wedding reception
  • taking care of the technical side of the venue
  • caring for the bride and groom and their guests
  • organizing the transportation of the bride and groom
  • organization of guests’ transportation
  • organization of accommodation and related logistics
  • organization of additional wedding attractions
  • consulting on optimal seating of wedding guests
  • developing a scenario for the wedding day
  • control of preparations at the place of the ceremony and wedding
  • full coordination of the wedding day until 1:00 a.m.
  • cooperation with persons responsible for food service facilities
  • ensuring that all subcontractors work smoothly and correctly
  • any actions resulting from current needs during the celebration

Bride and groom:

  • styling the bride
  • styling the bridesmaids
  • hairstyles and makeup
  • styling the groom
  • wedding accessories


  • save the date notices
  • wedding invitations
  • vignettes
  • menu
  • acknowledgements for parents
  • acknowledgements for guests
  • accessories personalizing the ceremony

After-sales services:

  • final settlements with subcontractors
  • settlement with the owners of the wedding house or restaurant

I invite you to a meeting over coffee or online.

It will be a great pleasure to meet you and maybe start a common wedding adventure.

Szczecin, West Pomerania